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Originally Posted by MasterChief
I have a 96 that I bought 3rd hand last year. I have it set up mostly for dirt riding. It is a great single track bike. Light and easy to manuver.

Mods include MT21 tires, Moose hand guards, Ken Sean dualsport mirrors, kick starter, +5 teeth on the rear sprocket, Pro Circut exhaust and a TM33 pumper carb. I have removed everything I can think of to reduce weight.

I thought of selling it and getting a KLX 250 but I'm not convinced the extra weight and complexity of water cooling are worth it. Heck if I want water cooling I head for the nearest stream, river or puddle. That and no kick starter.
How is that pumper carb working for you. I've been thinking about going that route. The previous owner screwed with this bike badly and I've spent alot of time trying to unscrew what has been done. It seems that he messed with the float height and I can't seem to get it back to normal. That or the needle isn't seeling properly anyway. Still have your stock carb by chance? This one is junk
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