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I'm FAR from an expert but...

I just use a small clear hose that fits tightly on the bleed nipple, 1/4"? or so available at Lowe's, Home Depot etc... Loop it over and secure both ends with a zip ty where they cross. As the loop is higher than both ends of the hose, and the bleed nipple, air can't get back in because air is less dense than the fluid and get's trapped in the loop. Crack the bleed valve and open the master cylinder. Pump the lever and KEEP THE MASTER CYLINDER FULL of fluid as the level will go down as you pump. Watch the hose and the air bubbles coming out. When you don't see anymore bubbles tighten the bleed valve, remove the hose and button up your master cylinder.

Wrong bike, but same principle, see page 9 here;
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