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Here are a few vidoes to get your heart pumpiing prior to tomorrow! All Hare Scrambles, 2 of them from florida, and one of them is the 85cc class.

Having just started racing a few months ago, I'll offer a few hints that may save you some pain.

1. Drink about 100oz of water per day for at least 3 days in a row prior to race day. Then wear a camel back during the race and drink when you can. I mix 1 energy drink into the water in my pack, and I count on being able to get the straw to my mouth when I check in on every lap.

2. Best to wear at least one tear off to remove gunk right after the start. Also, treat your goggles with an anti-static spray, so you can wipe the dust off your goggles easlily during the race.

3.The better start you get the less dust you'll have to deal with, but being your first race it't probably best to start slow and avoid the first corner crash.

4. Look as far down the trail as you can, especially when you get tired. I can alsways tell riders who are spent because they are riding 3 feet in front of their fender. IF you can look way down the trail you'll ride twoce as fast and avaoid crashes.

5. If you will need a gas stop duing the race, do it after 1/3 of the race is over, rather than 2/3 over. Not only will you be fresher and able to gas and go quicker, but somehow the 2 minute break in the early part of he race refreshes me a lot more than the 2 minute break late in the race when I am already really tired.

Have fun out there!!!

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