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Bad gas or a well setup KLX650R may be for sale!

Strange and twisted store, but here goes...

Begins three months ago when Ricardo sends me a Craigslist post for a basket case KLX650R. Bike was in pieces, but nearly complete with new rings, piston and some other stuff to get it running again. I'm thinking about buying for a parts bike when Ricky informs me that he's buying it for his GF. Are you nuts, she's gunna kick start a 650 and learn to ride? Who's fooling who here? Well, she buys it. A month or so later yours truly trailers the bike to the house to get her going.

Needed a carb (which I had spare), an ignition coil, tires, chain, sprocket and a bunch of other little do-dads but everything works and the engine is all cleaned, overhauled and looking pretty good. I spend a couple of weekends with Ricky putting together the pieces and getting ready for a first run. transfered some gas from the GS. Looks like we're ready. We took turns kicking that bitch about twenty or thirty times and after not so much as a small pop, she came to life. Runs great. Motor is strong. Even the spare carb seems to be setup just about perfect. Fantastic!!!!

Well, the GF likes the bike, even spins around a parking lot a few times. Problem is, tall seat and 650cc of displacement on a kick start are not gunna make for long term happiness in Ricky land. She should have chosen a different bike. Well, she may have found a fellow ADVrider to make a trade with. We'll see.

Next chapter, this blessed bike runs beautifully, but won't start for shit. Only way to get the cold beast moving seems to be to bump start on one of SF's famous downhill slopes. that's not a long term formula for success. What could be the issue?? Ricky and I go through the whole mess over again. Got spark, check. Compression release, check. Valve clearance, check. Cam timing, check. Day-um. We bump the bike again, and Ricky rides home with his tail between the legs. Half hour later, I'm scouring the Yahoo KLX list for hard start issues. I spot a post saying that every time the guy's bike sits for a month it won't start. Problem turns out to be, high test gas runs out of punch after a few weeks of sitting in a half empty tank. Voilą, I got the gas out of my PD tank which has been sitting on the garage floor for over six months now. Give Ricky the bad news (good news actually). He freshens things up and the beast starts on the first kick.

Moral of the story, don't try to kick-start a bike with old gas in it. Drain the bowls and give it a fresh batch. At minimum, don't expect it to light right up until it's warm.

If the trade doesn't work out, this well used but nicely freshened KLX650R may be available FS. PM Ricky if interested.


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