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Originally Posted by Johann
What I've picked up so far on GS paralevers....

1)When changing throttle cables undo jubilee clips holding carbs in place and push bings around horizontal to the ground to gain easy access to remove/fit new cables.

2)When removing/inspecting shaft budget on replacing paralever pivot bearings (only aboutb £10 a go).

3) Start developing a near obsessive interest in the quantity and quality of the swarf collected on the magnet on the gearbox drain plug (swarf per se is normal, soild lumps in swarf=bad)

4)Control cables seem to last about 40K. BMW cables are slightly more expensive than pattern cables bit at least you can guarantee they will be the correct length and be of good quality (don't ask!).
Lace replacement cables along side the current cables and zip tie them together. Cover the ends with duct tape. If a cable snaps mid ride you just have to swap the ends and you're back on the road.
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