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Originally Posted by slideways
The best method other than living in a Spanish speaking country to learn Spanish is the Rosetta Stone Spanish Speaking CD's.

The more Spanish you know the better your experience south of the border will be.
I agree on both counts. I took a few years of high school spanish years ago and was blown away by both how much I remembered and how much more fun I had being able to flounder through conversations (this was on a trip to costa rica). I think being confident and not giving a damn if I looked like a fool helped, too. Since this trip is longer I borrowed a rosetta stone CD from a buddy and wow--amazing how you retain stuff learned that way. It takes a bit of discipline to make yourself consistently do a lesson a night (or whatever) but man, I can talk about children leaping off picnic tables til I'm blue in the face. I didn't get to the part where they try to explain that they've blown a seal in their KLRs shock absorber, though. Maybe that's in the third CD?

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