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Originally Posted by Lone Rider
Donde esta la tienda economica parra muchas cervezas frias?
Or....?Donde se queda una tienda que se vende cerveza bien fria y muy barrata?

Lone, you are right, 5 days is not going to get it. Emersion only works if your emersed for at least a couple months and already have a good basic high school Spanish background. Best to find a night class or weekends
or whatever at a local community college or high school.

I've not tried the Rosetta Stone but I hear its quite good. But IMO, nothing
can beat a really good language teacher. I've had many, started in
7th grade in Spanish and took it all the way through college. A good teacher
can change your whole experience.

If you get a bum teacher....leave....go find a better one who has a very good
sense of humor. They are out there.
Spanish class is FUN! And its taught everywhere, not expensive.

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