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Originally Posted by bemiiten
At 55k, My '00 GS has it's first major problem. Seems to be coming from the transmission.
The noise disappears soon as the clutch is pulled in. Rolling in neutral with clutch out reving the motor will not make the grinding sound worse. Sounds a little rocky in neutral ,but soon as it's under a slight load all hell brakes loose with a nasty rhythmic rumble/grinding sound. Trans shifts perfect. Oil is new & full. Sounds too bad to be the push rod bearing.
Anyone had a similar experience with a oil head 6 speed? I'm tearing into it to check the driveshaft first . Let you all know what I find.
I'm pretty sure you problem is do to the rivets on the clutch making contact with the other two plates

If the problem was on the shaft you will still ear similar sounds since the shaft never stops rotating.
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