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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden
Just to be clear. In gear? Clutch handle released?

Was it on the center stand with the rear wheel free spinning? Does it do it under load? Does it do it with the trans in neutral and the clutch handle released, pulled in?

The video shows the bike on the center stand, wheel spinning in first gear. It is normal for the trans to make allot of noise under this condition, but not on the road with a steady smooth load. When the bike is in neutral , it really isn't to noticeable. Put the bike in any gear and apply a load from slight to full out ,and it is a horrible , unmistakable cyclic grinding . Sounds like choo choo choo choo.... Speeds up with road speed. Pull in the clutch and it all but disappears.
Completely convinced that it is a trans shaft bearing. I hope I can find evidence when I open the trans. It started while riding this weekend. By the time I was sure I was hearing something wrong and pulled out the earplugs to confirm, I was 75 miles from home. Rode it back with no issues except the grinding. Pulled the black magnetic drain plug on the bottom of the trans to find it filled with fine metallic fuzz, but nothing any bigger. I never pulled the magnetic drain plug before and I wished I had. So if you have a 1150 , do yourself a favor and clean it off next service. I think the bearings in the trans are sealed (?) which means any grindings should stay in the bearing. The leak at the clutch housing has been there for 15,000 miles. Figured it to be a rear main because I could not detect any gear oil smell. Will find out for sure tonight

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