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Another XT person here. :) Just picked up an '01 in near mint shape with 3,6XX on it for the wife's X-mas present. She has sat on them before and loves them and the idea of going bounding about. She currently rides a Suzuki SV650 (and I a VFR800). Living in east TN with all the mountains and forest roads there are a lot of dualsporters out and about playing so it's good to find others who can share information.

My previous roomate is on her 3rd XT225 (first two were stolen..argh!) and the 2nd of them was also an '01 that the previous owner did some tweaking to. That owner was the lead technition of a Yamaha dealership and limited the mechanical mods to an airbox, good rejetting, and I believe a cobra pipe. That XT started right up in the cold with very short (1-2minute) warmup times, pulled like a freight train with no stumbles across the rev range, and would haul my 200lb butt replete with the full riding gear (lots of wind drag) along the freeway at full speed regardless of the hills. As he is still in the business I plan to run my newest acquisition down to him to get the similar work done shortly. Once I have the #'s and settings I'll be happy to post them though I won't have the bike until roughly the 15th. :)
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