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This is what was recommended by the dealer. I normally use what is called for in the manual. I already was using the 75/140 before I discovered the fact that it calls for 90w. This issue has been debated here before.
Over the years , The container has been changed but what came out looked the same. BMW's latest lubricant is now red in color where the old stuff was the normal gold/brown color.
Being the anal type, this set off alarm bells at my last fluid change. 5,000 miles later , bearing failure.
So I'm left wandering why shit happens. So what do you think?
    • The fuzz in the oil found it's way into the bearing and destroyed it.
    • The large amount of fuzz is from the bearing failure
    • The bearing was improperly shimmed at the factory, but took 55k to fail.
    • The catalytic converter's excess heat played a role in cooking the bearings.
    • Changing to the red oil did it!!!
    • The case is improperly machined , hence the reason the bearing would not come out while all the rest were falling out at a much lower temp.
    • Shit happens
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