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Originally Posted by BeemerChef
We are riding... we are cooking... we are eating... A peaceful blanket has descended from the skies, what more can someone wish for. Spirit is a changed dog!... I think he is finally realizing that there is no home to go to, this is it, changing daily from our unplanned destinations. We have been taking long walks, longer everyday as I myself need to ease in to it! His appetite has been great, well, so has mine... wish he could tell me about all the smells! Mountain lions maybe?... cousins from the past hovering upon this beautiful land in spirit... who knows... his smile is good enough for me... all this after all was not such a bad idea!
Anyone cares to join me for the Holidays?... this is where we will be... I am looking for a strand of lights for the bike... it will be my tree... she has had a rough life and deserves some kindness too!
Might even go as far as feeding her some fresh oil!... and yes, a nice new filter also!
Enjoy the Blog...

Be well... look up the skies and smiles... that is the bottom line... it is always the same for all of us!

Ara & Spirit
The landscape shots and all are great, but Ara, this picture just gave me a warm fuzzy attack. Very nice.
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