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A while back you had a Renazco for sale that was supposed to fit with an 18L tank. I PM'd you about it over at supermotojunkie. Still got it? If not, what is your timeline nowadays, last time I talked to James he said you were in the middle of a move...

Yes, the 18L tank/seat/gas cap is at an a$$ raping price. I looked hard at the IMS, but I didn't want to deal with the heatgun fitment issues and the possibility of not being able to use my rad fan setup. Besides, I got a nice discount due to my lifetime membership over at KTMtalk, which has already paid for itself three-fold.

Everybody else,
The bike doesn't look bad as it is, but I did some 5 minute Photoshop scribbles and colored the fenders/side panels black, and then grey (like the older LC4-E's). The grey looked pretty decent I thought. Maybe somebody with some Photoshop skillz can do it up decently and we can see what it looks like with black, grey or red fenders/sidepanels?

Thanks for the comments, I can't wait to get out and test the range.
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