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Originally Posted by DragonRider1
Any particular reason it has to be new? I just bought my wife an immacultae '01 with 3,600 miles on it (only thing they changed was the color). Aside from some mild marks where the shorter statured lady before us tapped it with her foot while getting on and off, there wasn't a mark on it. Those few foot marks took less than 3mins to get out. I was at a gas station on the way home with it and 3 people thought it was brand new! Price? $1,700. The ONLY thing it needs is a new set of tires as she rode it strictly on the highway and evidently a little but under on tire pressure. Figure savings against retail, savings against taxes,, and not having to pay any stupid 'setup fee's (which are reimbursed by the manufacturer anyhow hence many places not charging them), we came away with a fantastic deal! There are a few others out there like that to be had.
Yeah, got my girlfriends 05 with exactly 589 miles on it for 2800. Turned into kind of a mess as the 2 years it was on the road it was treated horribly by the original owner. I've nursed it back to life though and the thing runs like a peach now. All those simple mods do wonders for this little guy.
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