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Originally Posted by snaggleXR650
I installed my 18L monster gas tank on my '04 KTM 625 SXC. Fit's great, works with the LC4 KTM radiator fan and the comfort seat is, well, comfy. Filled to the brim it holds 5.2 gallons, which is more like 20L rather than the advertised 18L capacity. There is a bit of a gap where the seat meats the bodywork at the rear of the seat, but otherwise everything is perfect.

I've got the orange "KTM LC4" stickers that go on the tank, but I'm not sure I want to put them on. I may leave the tank plain and swap out the orange fenders and side panels for black and do a total black out bike. Or I could put on the silver fenders/side panels... Or, maybe I'll just leave it be and go get it all muddy and the colors won't matter ;) Ride On!
I've done the same thing with my SXC, but I've had the seat raised 30mm to get rid of the horsey saddle feel. I'm 6' 2'' so I can still touch the ground comfortably. It has pulled the seat base up a touch at the rear, but is sure is comfortable.
Maybe even a bit too comfortable, as I find myself sitting more, when I should be standing. I'll just have to remind myself to get more aggressive instead of lounging!
I got a set of original SXC tank decals and they go on nice with a little help from the wife's hair dryer. Decals have lasted 2 or 3 big rides so far. I did have some concerns as to their longevity seeing as they are not protected by the shrouds, but they're OK so far.
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