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To bump this thread up...

I picked up an 81 XL500S last weekend. It runs, but needs a lot. I've been toying with the idea of fixing it up.

For $50 I didn't think it'd be wrong to. I also got a roller 86 CR125.

It does burn oil. But it's got good compression and power. There's a lot wrong with the bike. Rusty all over. But it all works. The biggest problems I have is the transmission. 1st kicks back out instead of staying in. The exhaust needs to be replaced. (it's too loud) Needs a choke cable, front brake lever, entire decomp system. (it's been cut up and disabled)

Anyone know how much of a PITA pulling the engine and fixing 1st gear would be? (And cost)

Also how would I go about adding a headlight and brakelight to it? (It doesn't have a battery)

I'm acutally suprised. I bought it thinking I bought a boat ancor. But I dumped the decade old gas, poured some fresh into the tank, sprayed it with a little starting fluid and BRRRRRAAAAATTTTTTT she came back to life. I really should pull the carb and clean it. As it doesn't want to idle much. But I'm going to run a half tank of gas with carb cleaner and see if it improves.

Back to the CR... I assume the front would be sprung to light to graft onto the front? I only ask because it has a 21" tire (the XL has a 23") and disc brake. I also thought about trying to retrofit the rear swingarm and mono shock off it too.

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