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I did that.
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Pinging problems - a fix

Most 1150 models I've ridden ping. It's due to the "lean burn" that BMW employs to meet euro emmission standards. It's pretty weak for such a manufacturer to sell a bike that pings like these do.
Solutions are available. The fellow who replaced his camchain was probably a one-off and got lucky.
The first thing is to use the highest octane fuel you can get. I use 98 RON and it does make a difference. It won't completely cure it but it reduces the problem. Hot weather will see pinging get worse too.
I dumped the standard cat and pipe and went full staintune and use a Unifilter foam element. This improved the problem slightly.
I cured mine by installing a Techlusion fuel injection tuning unit, which is pretty much required after the above mods. (It's a cheaper tuning fix than a power commander and you can adjust it yourself). This allows you to richen the mixture and presto!, pinging is gone. I did notice that with the end-baffle in the staintune I could still induce a light ping, but once I removed the end-baffle the bike went like a rocket (relatively speaking) and the motor feels much more muscular. The difference in fuel consumption is negligible when the throttle is used gently, but it does suck a little more if you are twisting the grip a bit.
You can use the Techlusion without the above mods and still get a result.
Hope this helps.
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