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A Xmas wish.....

Suddenly in this Desert stricken unfamiliar surroundings, winter beating on us, poor Spirit shivering, Beemerchef on the verge of malnourishment, with just enough motivation and energy to somehow enjoy himself... comes to the realization that a rider from Chicago is arriving here, on this very same soil... in a few days... and it is Christmas... no snow promised... how can it be to go through a blue Christmas? Melancholia sets in, bordering an era of depression... but the thought that all this could be saved by a White Christmas traveling southbound is murmuring hope to the lost heartbeats barely felt... I mean... a... WHITE PIZZA!!!

Hummmmmmmmmmmm.... and the thought will linger, the hope of it will make the days bareable again... only if...

The present... a White Xmas = + !!!
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