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Originally Posted by Bill the Duck
I was going to say look up my thread "Pinging like a mofo", but it would be pretty much a repeat of what's been posted here, except for the water torture and RxP. (Sea foam and Techron were also recommended.)

I did a half-bottle of RxP in 8 gallons of gas, followed by a 200 mile spirited high rpm ride. Pinging down to original levels. Which they all do.
02 1150gs

Tried: OVAD, high octane gas, CCP, tune/retune/reretune/tuneagain, techron, retarding the timing...didn't do the water torture, but frequently (daily) did the Italian Tune Up. Techs at local shop swore the engine was fine.

Pinged from the day I got it until the day I traded it at 37K miles. Pinged any time I opened up the throttle hard even in the meat of the powerband.

Not sure if I just had a lemon, but that damned thing pinged like a mofo and really pissed me off when I got the "they all do that" from the dealer.
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