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Originally Posted by patracy
Anyone have any info on how to wire up lights on this bike? From what I gather it only has a 6V system. I wouldn't mind running LED brake and turn signals to save some power. Or even slapping a gel battery on it to run a decent headlight during the night and allow whatever charging system the bike has to "trickle" charge the battery during the day/off road.

Also anyone have any ideas on springs for the CR front end I have? I'd like to graft it onto the bike for the 21" front, Hyd disc brakes, and better forks.
If you want a scan of the wiring diagram for a 1979 model, PM your email address to me, and I will send it as an attachment.

As for the 21" wheel, you might want check out what that will do to your steering geometry. Period articles said that going to the 23 incher was not as simple as just changing wheels. They said that the geometry had to be changed to make it handle properly. I am guessing that using the 21 without changing anything else will be much like raising the forks in the clamps.

I miss round headlights.

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