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Originally Posted by BeemerChef
My post about "melancholia" was a suttle way for VIVID1 to bring a White Pizza from Chicago!... Imagine that!!!... what a treat... it would be...
I realized that was a BIG hint

I’m actually visiting a friend in OK my first night on the road and wanted to bring some Chicago style pizza for him, he rode through Chicago this past summer and I took him downtown to an authentic pizza place. I was going to surprise him with pizza, but I've been so busy with work and packing, just ran out of time to find a place that will sell it uncooked and how to transport pizza for so many hours/days? They ship them, so I’m sure there is a way just not enough time to make it happen.

Anyway, Chicago style pizza tastes best ….in Chicago. I'm bringing good Chicago beer if you're in to that oh, beer tastes so much better with pizza

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