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Originally Posted by KneeDrachen
I WISH i had half of your aptitude and mechanical ability! good luck and looks great. looking forward to updates!
It's all just a bunch of parts, knowing their orientation when putting it all back together helps a lot.

+1, Oohhh, If only!

Nice Job, Mike! That frame and forks is looking good. Keep up the good work, keep us posted, and we ALL look forward to seeing this bike sometime in 07, at an Airhead Event or some twisty road!!!! ]
Hopefully I'll see you at the rally, not completely done but rideable.

where can one find the online microfiche? edit: AHA! awesome...
Hammersley BMW and Max BMW both have online fiche.

Mike, what made you decide to do a total overhaul vs. just getting it running?

'Course experience might have something to do with it - I got a '72 Yamaha DT2 three months back and I'm still working on tearing it apart. (thread in old school)
I'm just planning on getting it running first, and then taking stuff apart for a really good cleaning and tuning/rebuild.

[I've gotten myself in trouble in the past where I dive into a project way too deep, then never get out; this is my first tear-apart-and-rebuild.]
The decision for a total rebuild was that the bike was rough as a "COB"
when I started. It did run, albeit a bit rough and the front brakes were locking up. Just take your time on yours, plan what needs to be done in what stages. I plan to clean things up as I go along on the reassembly.

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The good thing is, your damn motor can't read. If it says oil on the container, it's pretty much OK to dump in there.... ED.
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