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Originally Posted by markgsnw
thanks, I love playing long distance guessing games.

how about this: "i read somewhere on the internet that I could jumper two undocumented connectors to my $$$$ bike's $$$$$ computer. There's always a chance that a puff of smoke may emit from the bike which would cripple it, but what the heck. Oh, and the guy who suggested it isn't clear on the difference between a relay and a jumper. But his knuckle in a photo sure looks knowledable."
Listen -take your head out of your arse, and read the the thread.

The link i use isn't the same as the BMW cat code plug, or why would i have taken it out and used the link i made - think about it. Whats the point .
The only reason for showing you the picture of the bmw plug was to save you people money. Just use the links to whatever plug you want to use, and don't waste your money buying the bmw plug. Because all the cat code plugs, no matter what configuration are just links as in the picture.

This guy you talk about (me) runs his own independant BMW repair business, and has done for over 20 years. So i must be doing something right. How you doing shite for brains
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