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OK, I managed to do the jumper 30-87a mod. and go out for a 90km blast in 43/ 6 degree weather. I topped it up with mid grade gas (1/2 a tank) instead of premium.
Initial observations as follows:
Bike runs strong and pings less.
Surges very slightly now.
Seems to hit the rev limiter a little earlier.??
Plugs are a little darker although still whitish.
I will monitor fuel consumption over the next while (I have a spreadsheet since day 1) and report back later. It will also be a while before I can evaluate the hot weather performance
I would sure like to know more about the map that is chosen by doing this jumper mod as no cat plug presumably means the richest mixture which is what I started off with.
BTW Steptoe - I realized after asking why the jumper was different than the "relay". My apologies.
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