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It was getting late so we returned to the camp site via paved roads and stopped for pictures a few times.

First stop was the Rio Grande and the Elena Canyon

At camp we set up our tents

We couldn't start a camp fire (some camp rule) so we watched Becca's neons instead, it's remote control

Mike made some chili, so we had something to eat. Many places here are closed today and tomorrow.

The tempertures dropped at night, but not too bad, not like last night. But the winds picked up, big time. Becca and I stayed all night in our tents, Mike headed for his truck in the middle of the night and John was already sleeping in his truck.

The winds pounded the tents all night, those were 40-50MPH winds, that you could hear coming from far away. I was really worried that my 250 lbs. bike would fall over. On top of the wind noise, I had a lot of sand coming though the mesh window in to my tent, needless to say, I didn't get much sleep.

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