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I was the first one up this morning and I watched the sun come up, the winds were still blowing. I was surprised the tents survived all the wind and the bikes were still all standing. BTW, we're the only people with tents in the entire camp site.

My eyes were swollen from the sand flying inside my tent and I realized that last night I had left the chair bags from the camping chairs out on top of one of the trailers, they were not there this morning, they blew away. One of the camp chairs was mine, two were borrowed so I was determined to find the covers before they blew away too far.

I started to walk in the direction of the blowing wind, it was still so strong that it could push me easily in the direction it wanted. I found one of the bags stuck on some shrubbery a short walk away, I continued and found the others half a mile away and over on the other side of the hill.

Walking up the hill, the camp site is down below

Found them! What a way to spend Christmas morning

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