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Thanks Bill! The midvalve/ checkplate that was on mine stock isn't a whole lot different then what you are running now. You can build up your midvalve to be the same as what I am running. I filled up full with gas this morning and it still stays up in the stroke. Watching my headlights dip a lot less when I shift let me know that it is moving a lot less under this kind of weight transfer. So I think the midvalve is the answer to the divey mushy action of the 640a. The 640 is so heavy up front that controlling weight transfer is key to making it ride better. I did lighten the rebound on the lowspeed side but I also made it stiffer on the high speed section by adding the thicker 14x1.5mm shim. This helps with the bigger fork motions. This is what I want to do to the shock too. Build up the smaller diameter shims so it helps resist this kind of bobbing on large g outs. I am not sure why manufacters choose such heavy stacks for basevalves. Most guys don't need it at all. But I think to some degree it makes up for heavy riders with the wrong springs. I think the main thing is they try to come up with something that is Ok all around. If they pick any one way to set up a suspension someone somewhere will hate it.
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