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Huh? Can't believe I haven't found this before......... anywho.....

I'm happy to do what I've been doing already with the UTMC, ADVr and any other locals I know or get sent to me, which is basically what you've been doing as "use here"

I've a fairly well set up garage.....

two handy lifts
manual tire changer & balancer
most of the hand tools needed to do most jobs
torque wrenchs
Time-sert kit - 6,8,10mm 'cause poo happens.
multi - meter
power tools
garage computer, fridge, music
12 ton press
parts cleaner
TIG welder
generally have access to a MIG - thanks Beemer Pat
Doohicky tools - loaned out on occasion already
Air compressor
Heat for the winters
access to trailer
limited experiance........

The way I've worked things for a while now has been pretty simple.

Give me a little notice - unless it an emergency of course
If you notice a tool that missing feel free to donate one
Don't bring beer unless your going to drink it, hell drink some of the stuff others have brought since I won't - or bring non-alchohol stuff.
Replenish any consumables that get used up if somethings low.
Break it - replace it
Ya know the basic play nice stuff

Oh yeah - I'm right in Denver..........

I was a little busy last summer so our usual BBQ's and Tinker days didn't happen but I'm hoping to fix that for 07'
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