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It suddenly hit me this morning, there is a whole winter ahead of me... cold weather for Spirit, myself also I am not denying, short days... where to go? No, it is not a problem by far, there is a need for a wise decision to be taken for both of us, as the 3rd is approaching, departure day from Big Bend that is closer than ever to my heart and my well being. For years, I have waited for a spark from my senses to ignite a desire to stay in one place... and as much as Big Bend has... I know myself well enough, bohemian blood running in me, I cannot stay still for too long.
Fort Davis has been my planned next destination, I know only a few miles up, but providing a totally different surrounding and vision. New Mexico, Arizona... all on the way West... but again, winter is making its mark and being in a no-riding situation is not an option!
My logic is leaning me toward a straight flight to the southern west coast... Anza Borrego and its surroundings... will it be warmer? Get situated, explore a bit of that beautiful land... and... head south to Baja, Mexico... Rig and Spirit only, leaving the camper and trailer safely behind with maybe someone offering some space.
I have time to think about it...
In the meantime, David and Mike showed up... truck, trailer and bikes... kitchen, outdoor heater... well seasoned campers!... Was a blast to cook for them... you can read it and see it on the Blog!
Be well...
Till later... Ara & Spirit
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