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Yesterday I went for a ride at an OHV area near Salt Lake. It is all high desert hills and mountains and usually snow free. It is a very rocky area and is a good test for the new set up. Anyway there was a lot of snow. The 606s are not the ideal snow tire and a 400lb enduro is not the ideal snow bike. So it was slow going. But my friend and I went out for a ride anyway. For some reason it must have been inversion or pollution or whatever, the higher we got the less snow there was. There were entire hillsides that were snow free. So I got to test the bike on some rocky steep hillclimbs and some rough trails. I wish I brought my camera for some shots.
It is amazing the difference the midvalve and the lightened basevalve has made for the way the bike handles and absorbs bumps. The feeling is much more progressive and controlled. I was running over everything on purpose and it was smooth sailing. Instead of riding over rock bands I was jumping over them without worrying what I was landing in. The most impressive part was the downhills. The bike tracked where I wanted it to go and didn't deflect off rocks and try to twist the bars out of my hands. This was one of my biggest problems with the stock suspension. Even with the heavy 5.0 springs it was a divey MOFO on steep hills. On the same type of hills I would have been dragging a foot and riding scared but with the new set up I was able to stand up and ride down like my dirtbike. All in all it was a pretty fun ride.
Sorry Creeper, no curb test videos this weekend.
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