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man i love Woman as much as the next guy

I'm actually very ingrige by beauty being a designer and body proportion being a ergonomist.but i also thing is a time and a place for everything,and I don't think ADVrider is the place for that kind of pictures,,or guns or liquor for that matter,,

I know many are going to Hate me for saying this,but unless is your own woman,you are taking pictures off and she give you permission to post them,I just don't see much use for it.

my Issues with guns,comes from my colombian day,,and quess what those things are ussually use to kill inocent people everyday in many places of this world,or to keep regims and the status quo intact...for the benefit of the few.
even if I admire their design and beauty,I preffer to stay away from them.

if you need to defend your self learn "haykido"(what ever the name is) or ask Stricking viking for some hand to hand combat techics,,hell i can even show you some tricks ..but then I need to kill you

about the alcohol In a way i wish i use it,,so i was a little less tense and stress,but I prefer by personal choice to live my life in a "Unplug" mode and deal with whatever it brings head on,as oppose to hide my self in a letargic substances...this again is a personal view and i don't spect anybody to follow it.

sorry if my points are to harsh,but belive me they come from the bottom of my heart.
ask the people that know me,I'm not exaclly a purital,or a church boy,but is a time and a place for everything and a motorcycle site for sure is not....

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