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Copper Canyon for Christmas

I was just reading the “should BMW put a reverse gear on the GS?” thread and thought that I better get this going.

Supercreep and I had been talking for a while about getting a ride going this fall and things kept coming up that foiled our plans. We finally set out for Copper Canyon on December 23rd. This made up big heroes back home!

We trucked the bikes to Deming and left from there. Crossed the border and got moving Mexico style around noon.

Here is SC and his 650 on some of the nice twisties we finally found later in the afternoon.

A really sweet mountain pass, (that we will dread later). Also my first rock pic!

Just a sprinkling of snow, really nice!

We spent the night in Gomez Farias at a place where if you turn the heater on high, it will approach room temperature at about check out time the next morning. We waited as long as we could, then headed out in a cold fog.

Not too bad, except for the fogging glasses and shields.

Another great stretch of road.

Broke out of the fog and started seeing some of what we were riding through.

We went through lots of unique small towns on the was to Creel. I think that this was Tamosachi.

Made a quick fuel stop in Creel. I am un-impressed with Creel. Can't put a finger on it, just not what I was expecting.

It is around 2 PM and Batopilas is only around 90 miles away. We should be OK.

I always ask for pics. This great looking Tarahumara lady gave me an OK nod.

We had been somewhat concerned with snow at Creel's higher elevation going into this trip.

If this is as bad as it's going to get, I'm IN!!!

This could be the first real view you get of the canyon system ahead.

A guy could spend a lifetime taking pics of all the roadside shrines.

This is one of the best stretches of twisties that I have ever had the joy of riding. Christmas traffic.........not a cop in the whole state that cares about two speeding gringos.

The thumpers were a blast on the pavement. Fairly evenly matched for power but not stoopid powerful.

Ahhhhhhhhhh.............what we came for. Finally some dirt!

We had already started to shed clothes as we began decending into some warmer temps.

Hard to believe that we were in snow about an hour before this.

I had seen lots of ride reports from this area, but I really was unprepared for the magnitude and beauty of it!

More shrines in the canyon. If these are where someone died, there are lots of really bad drivers down there. There is literally a cross or a shrine on practically every corner.

It is getting a little late, but we didn't care. As supercreep says, "that's how we roll".

SC thought that I was killing time taking pics of rocks, but I wasted some good riding time taking pics of trees too!

Lotsa different and wierd vegetation down there.

We rolled int Bato around dark, visited with the guy at Hacienda del Rio Margaritas, then went into town to see what else was available and went back to Margaritas. Our host said to "park the bikes up here".

SC gasses his 650 up the steps in the dark!

SC at the ready with the cam catches me killing it towards the top.

They looked worse the more I looked at them in daylight.

The tall first step was almost the deal breaker for me. I wanted to put a "kicker" in front of it in the dark, but would not have ever heard the end of it.

This is for you supercreep.

The place was incredible and we were the only guests!

We'll explore the area around Batopilas and go to Cerocahui next..................
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