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I'm planning to buy a new XT225 today or tomorrow. Plan to use the bike for fairly light trail plonking in eastern PA and NW Joisey. (However, I have a tendency to push myself to my limits off-road and on tracks, and with this bike, I'll probably find its limits, too.)

Also want to have it for the girlfriend and for my 75 year-old dad, who hasn't ridden in thirty years, has failing health and coordination, but who is itching to go for a putt again! He has short legs, too, so a bike that's light, low, and lacking power is the ticket.

So, can anyone help me with a couple of initial purchase/set-up questions?

First, does anyone that uses an XT off-road go to the trouble to put rim locks on? What about slime in the tires?

Second, what about gearing? I don't plan to take the bike on any multi-lane roads, but will probably be looking at some steep hills. Are slightly smaller counter-shaft sprokets the ticket?

Any other initial set-up things I should go for?

Am waiting to get approved to post on XT Meanwhile, I hope some of you might share your experience with me.

Muchas gracias!
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