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Originally Posted by VIVID1
I just spent a whole week riding the XT on-road and off-road, and I can't say enough good things about the bike, my ride report is here I'm still going to be posting a detailed report this weekend in that thread and a write up about the bike, so stay tuned.

So far I can't be happier with the performance of the XT, it goes 70PMH on the street (I got it up to 78MPH on a dowhill) and it seems to do off road pretty well too (it's my first off-road bike so unfortunately I can't compare it to any other off road bike).

I bought the bike new end of September 06, and I have 1360 miles on it now

I come from sport-touring so I'm used to spending 12-20 hours on a bike, I've done some long days on this bike (only 8 hours) but it's not a problem for me, I think it's comfortable enough, although fast speed limits on straight roads are even more painful then on my crotch rockets, because I can't get on it and get through it quicker, twisty paved roads are still very enjoyable.

My favorite traveling speed on this bike is 25-45MPH. I'm going to do something with the exhaust, first I'll do the mod they talk about on the site, but if I can't get more ponies this way, I might try an after market exhaust. I'm planning on adv-touring this bike, I think it will do the job well with some work.

On this last trip I had to ride paved roads at 15% incline, steep dirt roads and I've even been caught riding in 40-50MPH winds. The bike performed well, I was actually amazed. The only time it wasn't cooperating, was after sitting in the ran for 24 hours, it started but would die immediately if I didn't gas it, so I had to run it for a few minutes and give it gas manually to warm it up, the choke didn't seem to work when the bike was wet. Even after sitting outside at night in 20-30 degrees, it started right up the next morning.
Yes do the mod but I wouldn't recomend replaceing the pipe unless you like ALOT of noise. So you are roughly at sea level so here's what i would do... Drill the entire baffle out of the exhaust, more than enough extra air flow without being too loud. Get an after market air filter like the UNI. Do not buy K&N filters. Pieces of dookey. Go just one size up on the pilot from a 40 to a 42.5 Makes cold starting much easier and tames some of the leaness when you chop the throttle. Check your main jet. If it is a 130 you may want to leave it there but if it is a 125 then move up to the 130. Makes a huge difference. The book says you should have a 125 but alot of people found 130's in their carbs. Also get yourself a some really small electrical washers and shim the jet needle just a hair. You can experiment going even bigger on the main jet especially if you remove the snorkel as well but I found the bike to be too rich when the throttle was pulled aggressively. If you do replace the pipe though you will have to up the main jet more though as you will run too lean.

Those are pretty much the popular mods that I've read about alot of other people doing to their XT's and it has worked very well. Take into account though that the humidity in your neck of the woods and the big temp drop will have an effect on the results but should be minimal.

And to the other poster... The 05 xt my girlfriend got had a rimlock in the rear wheel stock
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