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Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
Dags- I don't care what we do as far as lodging. Hotels are nice, but I am broke as a joke and it'll be hard to cough up the $ for this weekend as well as still having $ left for the Devils Creek ride at the end of the month.
+1 Myself, Id rather all camp out.

I was thinking we could meet in Clayton, at that cool little campsite that you had to cross the creek to get to. I can get better directions posted if this is good for everyone. I would drive the truck up there, so I can bring supplies (food, alcohol). We could meet up there Saturday am, and ride all there Sat pm, ride Sunday. If I can camp Sunday night I will.
There's a real cool lake right by the gorge called Joan sumpin' or another... ...anyway, four wheel drive vehicles only (there's not much traffic at this campsite) to enter or about a two hundred dollar ticket from the local mr friendly's. About halfway into the decent you can see the most beautiful lake I've ever seen here in Ga. Called stone place I believe. Gravel camp sites, free camping too! Coming from a KLR guy that goes along way.

Just a suggeston.
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