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There’s a white woman
With big fake tits
Got a golf course running through her backyard
She thinks she got it so good
Ain’t that America…..
Big monthly bills for you and me….

After canceling the pizza (no way, an hour is too long, bye) and picking up some gut-rot from Mickey D’s (large choc shake, please) to push down my throat last night, I flicked on the TV in my classy motel room (some kind of wallpaper strip running along the top of the walls, greater value) to check out the news. First time in about a month to be blasted with these electronic dead rays. Nope, nothing has changed. Am I the only one that feels either insulted or fears that the IQ of the American people has followed the level of the Salton Sea?

Take heart, fellow man, there’s a new Wal*Mart opening somewhere near you within the next few months. Ain’t that America….

So many pills available for headaches. Dozens. What’s beyond an ‘ache’? Explosion, maybe? But we also have pills for that, as we do for any ailment, trauma, itch, etc – real or perceived. Pop a couple and get right back on the train, easy as that. Quick fix-it.

Moto trips are great, love them. And the further away they take me, the better. I’ve taken a few over the past few years and each one has made the problem worse, not better. A break from the norm, rejuvenation, clearing the mind, etc. I didn’t realize what a powerful drug this was when I first started taking the doses. Sure, I felt good, but addiction can be hard to read. At some point, you admit it and either accept it, or make a decision to change your ways. As said, maybe some of us just need to learn how far we can fall before hitting bottom.

I’m crossing the border in the morning, riding into Mexico and maybe a few parts of Central America for about seven weeks….headed towards the bottom. Though, I know it won’t be found on this trip. More doses, heavier doses. Certified addict.

Best Buy has that new 400 gig whatchumacallit in stock. How bout them heated seats in that new Caddy pick-up truck, huh? Titanium BBQ grills are all the rage. Ain’t that America….

The DR’s tires are fresh. 1,000 on the front TKC and maybe 2,000 on the rear Mefo (name sucks but tire seems great). New chain and sprockets, but kinda wished I’d left the old stud intact. It looked really good. If I were not taking a laptop and video gear, everything I’m taking along could fit inside the Dirt Bagz. Cheap motels (hopefully), not camping.

First part of the plan is riding to the Yucatan to do some research stuff with a few interesting stops along the way so I don’t get bored or pissed off. Ruinas Maximus or some such foolishness. The leftover wad of Quetzales have been burning a hole in my jacket pocket for many months, so I’ll fix that problem, too. Another five days of Spanglish classes wouldn’t hurt too much, but the where and when are unknown at this time. Maybe Oaxaca. Heard there were some ‘disagreements’ being voiced down there and that might be a good place. I’ve located some new-to-me and interesting border crossings between Mex/Guat and Mex/Belice that I might try.

Excited about taking another large dose would be an understatement. Don’t just fix me, drown me, please, Senor. Weird is cool. If you know of some off-the-beaten-path places, I’d love to hear about them.

I’ll post pics and updates when possible. Getting the USA out of my system will take a few days. May you receive a great new credit card offer in the mail tomorrow….

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