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I had one of the very first Wolfman Expedition tankbags... and although I'm not what you'd call a "tankbag guy", I have to admit that after using it, not only would I be hard pressed to not use it, I'd be hard pressed not to use the Wolfman bag.

The design of the Expedition bag is absolute genius... the small bag (there is a large and a small size available) is a perfect size for a DS bike, not too big to get in the way, not so small as to be useless.
I can carry all my tools, plus a camera, plus a spare tube and tire irons in it.

Although Eric doesn't mention it, the Expedition bags are for all intents an purposes, waterproof. You'd have to submerge one to get it to leak.

Last thing... all Eric's gear is made right here in the USA.

So... how's tricks?
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