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Originally Posted by CDG
The battery shop put a meter on the battery and it had some 12.45v showing which looked good ( this was after me charging it ),
You need to load test the battery. Any decent shop can do this. Hooking up just a volt meter won't prove much.

that so the next thing I did was rev it to about 3500rpm and all that happened was the volts started to rise but very very slowly almost like counting 12.45, 12.46, 12.47, this seemed a bit slow.
According to the 98 LC4 repair manual, @5000rpm (on a battery which is 90+% charged] a voltmeter across the battery terminals should read betwen 14 and 15VDC.

If this isn't the case you need to verify the stator output before you can be sure it's the R/R.

There are plenty of good charging system troubleshooting guides around, Electrex/Electrosport used to have a good flowchart online.

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