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Eek oh boy,,,,,that's a heap of HP-2 questions

Originally Posted by mudpao
Woody, as i have asked in one of the forums, is there a way that we can mount standard 36-hole excells on an HP2? The reasons for me are the following:

,,,the oem hubs are all 40 hole,,,so we can mount 40 hole rims on the oem hubs,,which we've been doing for smoe time

1. No one where i live can lace bmw cross spoke wheels (althugh one guy did it, took him 4 months, and by the time he's done..... the model was outdated )

,,,well that's about right from the feedback i get,,+/- several months

2. 36 holes seem to be the standard on dirtbikes

,,,you're right about that,,,bmw has used this same drilling pattern for the last 30 years,,,,there's just 3 basic hub diameters that i've finally concluded they have,,,,now that's what i call great amoritization

3. touratech sells the wheels with the hubs, all 36 hole patterns... but then again.. i'm quite sure YOU can do a better job than TT, at a more reasonable price.

,,,i know i can build a stronger wheel but cheaper ,,,,Excel sources most of that stuff in house,,,so there's no middle men save touratech,,,we've already tried to source the hubs,,,and that doesn't look good,,,,why should they sell me the hub only to create competition for themselves,,and then you all buying the SUPERLACE wheels from me,,,they'll end up with lot's of their wheel assemblies catching dust

4. Can you machine a rear hub for a 36hole pattern?

,,,yes we can,,,but will it be worth it,,,there are damn few HP-2s out there,,,i have to pick my battles carefully,,,the prototyping costs are the same if i build 50 or 5,000

5. Will a ktm front wheel set fit directlly onto the hp2 with minor spacer modifications? (again.... its cost related since bmw's hubs, front and rear, are so expensive)

,,,we've been working on that,,,,there's a matter of 1/4'' difference where the disc and caliper interface,,,,am deciding if i make an adapter /spacer between/behind the caliper mount ie to move caliper out,,,or to make a disc carrier that allows the oem bmw disc to be mounted on the ktm hub.......we already have trick KTM billet hubs available,,, they aren't much more expensive thanoem stuff,,,can get em anodized in several colors are stronger too and alot less than Talon hubs
will keep ya posted,,,,regarding the hp-2 excell wheels ,,,the jury is still out on them,,,,we do know that some of their previous forays into building wheel assemblies have proven unsatisfactory as far as durability etc goes,,lotsa show but no go
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