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Question Damn the snow, full speed ahead?

Howdy Woody!

I've been in to the shop in the past to have broken spokes repaired on my '03 Tiger (now RIP).

As you are well aware, Denver hasn't been able to shrug off all of the December snow with the recent cold temps, and I haven't been on two wheels since early December. Honestly, I think I'm going to go nuts!

Long story short, I'm getting ready to mount a brand new pair of Dunlop D606's on my '07 DR 650, and I'm considering options of how to get out and enjoy the winter more;

A) Ride stock D606's and expect to fall down frequently.

B) Stud the D606's and expect to fall down.

C) Mount Kold Kutter ice screws and only ride off-highway, all the while expecting to fall down.

D) Buy or build a set of snow chains, and expect to get weird stares (and fall down).

E) What other choices are there, when medication alone doesn't suffice?

Also, I'm curious if anyone has ever tried to sipe motorcycle tires? I've done this on the past three sets of BF Goodrich All Terrain TA's I've had on my truck, and they have handled great and provided good mileage results (65k miles on the last set).

I've found that Wunderlich sells tire chains for the BMW GS bikes, but they are too expensive, and the wrong size for my DR.

I have a set of RUD Grip 4x4 chains for my Tacoma that are awesome ( ) but I've already contacted them, and they don't sell any for motorcycles. Perhaps I have to buy a set of their car chains, and cut them apart and rebuild them to fit the DR? If so, how do I best convert an MC wheel size into a corresponding car tire size? RUD has a fitment guide on the above website, might you or your son be able to help me convert DR wheel sizes into a best guess for fit car tire size? DR= 90/90-21 & 130/90-17.
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