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Originally Posted by Cycletroll
Just curious, any change in how the aerodynamics feel at speed? Smoother? Better protection? Top speed?
I used to get some light buffeting on my helmet, now thats gone, I suspect thats because the windscreen is a few inches higher. I have not really done a lot of riding with it yet to know if anything else changed. I was really worried about it (buffeting) having read in these forums about the struggles riders have with some designs. I sought advice from several people about the causes of buffeting, the best insight came from WPBarlow who suggested that buffeting is caused more by the bikes total presentation to the wind rather than just the windscreen, so when it was in prototype form I took it up to 90 to see if there would be buffeting issues. By sheer dumb luck, there were none. In fact, the windscreen is very adjustable and it had none in any position, it was buffet free no matter what I did, so apparently the advice was accurate. Until that test run I worried non stop that I was going to a lot of trouble to make something that would be pretty but not comfortable to ride at speed. Whew.

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