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Originally Posted by flan8tive
what is the net weight loss?
The bike has lost way over 30 pounds, but I am not done yet. It gets a few bits added on, such as a rear rack and possibly a second HID (the ballast and wiring are heavy). On the other hand there are still a few carbon fiber parts to make which will take quite a bit of weight off. I am not sure what the final weight loss number will be, but I would guess around 35 pounds.

Some weight factors are surprising: the parts gained well more than a pound at the paint shop. There was almost a pound of screws and hardware holding the original tail end bodywork together (15oz if I recall right). The twin headlamp assembly actually weighs less than the single BMW unit.

I understand that every 7 - 10 pounds removed is like adding 1 horsepower, but the bike ain't the only thing thats overweight, I could stand to lose 2 - 3 horsepower myself

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