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so what are the basics of lacing regular wheels,,,a quick review

My name is J.R. I own a business here in Los Angeles called Angel City Cycle, I was wondering if I could get some pointers on the early parts of wheel lacing. I'm talking about your recommendation for when I start to tighten spokes so as not to create more work by over tightening too soon. I've been building wheels for a long time but I just started to get back to offering it for my customers and I want to do the best job possible. I have a truing stand and a spoke torque wrench (that only goes to 50), I am a BMW shop, that's all I work on, I will send the tubeless stuff to you.

hey there J.R. and the rest of you wheelsmiths,,here's a few tips,,,

1,,after assembly,,i carefully and evenly bring nipples down on the threads,,,,while making sure the rim is properly positioned left and right,,,ie the offset,,,most bmw rims are centered between the hub flanges

2,,i observe the radial and lateral runout and finger tighten a few spokes so that the rim is now located and running true

3,, i finger tighten the rest of the nipples,,now the rim should still be where you want it,,,any adjustment from this point on i loosen first then tighten

4,, i then start snugging all the v spokes a few turns equally around the wheel clockwise from a starting point,,say at the valve stem hole [that should be a v],,followed by doing the x spokes in the opposite i'm sucking the rim in toward the hub equally in all directions,,,i redo this several times,,,

5,, the last thing i do is do the final truing,,,remembering to loosen then tighten

6,,last but not least,,,of course JR if as you said ya ''want the best job possible'' send em to me for a SUPERLACE and be done with it

that's all there's to it,,,oh make sure all the spokes are doing the same amount of work,,,you can always tell the sandbaggin ones,,,,as well as those that feel like high strung overachievers,,,

good luck,, ,,,,woody
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