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Cool2 MotoAventuras New Year's Meeting - Valle de Bravo, Mexico

I step off the train,
I'm walking down your street again,
and past your door,
but you don't live there anymore.

It's years since you've been there.
Now you've disappeared somewhere
like outer space,
you've found some better place,

and I miss you like the deserts miss the rain.

Back in the days I used to drive to Albuquerque to see Lizbeth, this was playing on the radio often (it had just been released, and it was popular...). I love driving/riding in the southwest desert, and often Missing gets stuck in my mind as I drive through it. It was playing in my mind (OK, I admit I was singing too. Luckily, the drivers around me couldn't hear me, so nobody was harmed in the process of keeping myself entertained on the road ) as I was heading east from Palm Springs, having gone past the large wind turbine farms, suddenly the floor drops, and the wide open spaces of the SW desert are spread in front of me. The sun was getting low, the desert had these beautiful golden brown colors. I was not missing the rain...

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