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I spent the week in Phoenix for work, not much to report on other than long meetings.

I havenít figured out what was the cause of the short in the instrument panel, but it does look like it's the panel that bit it. I was going to get a bicycle computer to replace it, but couldn't find anybody that was willing to splice 18" of extra wire on one to make it reach it's location on the bike. I tried several electrical and computer repair places, and nobody would even look at it. "Sorry, we don't do that kind of work" What kind of work do they do? Are people that afraid of liability that they wont take on simple job like that? You'd think that a guy that repairs computers and I can see has a soldering iron on his bench could do this in less than 10 minutes. I wasnít asking for favors, I made it clear that I was willing to pay for his time, but heíd still rather surf the web (thatís what he was doing when I walked in to that shop) than try to do it.

I posted on the West regional forum, and got some great offers to use grange space of several gracious inmates that live in the area. Many thanks again to all that replied to my post about that.

Luckily, I can always count on my friends to bail me out. I was talking to Tony and he offered to buy one, splice the extra wire and is mailing it to me tomorrow. On Friday I get back on the road towards NM, where I am going to pick up my new bicycle computer. I think I owe him big.

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