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Las Cruces to Chihuahua

As usual, I left really late, and I started to worry that this would be a problem at the Mexican border.

As I was making my way to Mexico, I saw this sign and I wasn't sure Emily, Martie or Natalie would agree :

I usually cross at the Santa Teressa-Jeronimo border, as it's a lot more convinient than going through Juarez (plus it avoids the city traffic completely by taking the cuota bypass). The parking lot was rather full on the Mexican side of the border, but it didn't take that long to get the tourist visa and even less time to get the bike registered for temporary import into Mexico. I am not sure if this is a universal change, but they asked for my driver's license to give me the FM-T form. Not clear to me what the concern is, that you'll run off with a form that doesn't have the stamp on it? Anyway, it was quick, and the ITV (temporary vehicle import - Spanish) permit even quicker. On a side note, I had made copies of everything - passport, driver's license, registration and title (just in case) - in advance. The only thing I needed a copy of was the FM-T form (hard to make a copy of that in advance ) but there was no line at the photo copier (cheaper than last year, but still a rip-off at $0.50/copy) so it took practically no extra time.

Entering Mexico:

In less than 30 minutes I was blasting south on the Pan American highway.

Finally, a working trip meter - Thanks Tony! :

Sand dunes of Samalayuca:

Given the time, I figured I'll bite the bullet and take the toll road, at least to Sacramento. Actually, riding the cuota roads in Chihuahua often makes a lot of sense. The distances are significant, the alternatives usually longer, much slower and the State of Chihuahua is enlightened enough to charge motorcycles half the rate cars pay . This is not the case in the rest of the cuota highways, and a source of an intensifying battle between Mexican motorcycle assosiations and the government. Made a pit stop in El Sueco, the sun was shining, it was a very pleasent day to ride.

El Sueco:

I took the libre section that bypasses the Sacramento toll plaza. It's a really nice (and twisty ) section of road that is a very welcome change from the mostly straight highway from Juarez. I got to Chihuahua just in time to go to dinner with friends.


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