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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
just a quick personal apology Bullfrog,,,was in a hurry and sent ya the bag of spokes that was supposed to return to the bin,,,your bag of 36 ea was in the bin,,,ooops,,i too am human,,,

BTW,,looks real good,,,jsut out of curiosity,,were the spokes the right length???,,ie no threads showing outside the nipple and about 1/8'' in from end of nipple,,,just so i can log it in my reference book.

holler n thanks,,your wheel looks grea,,now get it muddy and tell us how well it workst

notice how little weight you needed because of properly positioning an extra rim lock
hey woody,

as far as spoke length goes...
on the speedo drive side of the hub (not the brake side), the inboard row of 9 spokes were a wee bit short but there is only bit of thread visible below the nipple...
i hope that makes sense???
not being a wheel professional, i am not sure of the proper lingo to use...
anyway, i am not anticipating any trouble or anything....
just info for the next guy...

i sure am glad i decided to run 2 rimlocks on each wheel....
sure makes balancing a lot easier!!!

i am looking forward to getting it muddy, but the real test will be in hitting the sand dunes....

thanks again.
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