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I've got a 300 mile loop that I'll do about twice a year. (This is for future reference. Clear Creek and the area around Hollister is easier to get to)

9 south to 4 corners.
35 south til it becomes Summit Road.
Summit Rd > Loma Prieta Way > Highland Way.

On Highland you can take Buzzard Lagoon Rd (graded dirt) to Eureka Canyon Road or just Take Eureka Canyon Road. > Corralitos Road to S. Green Valley rd. to 1 south. Gas up in Carmel.

1 south to Nacimiento/Ferguson Road. At the top you'll come to the intersection with Cone Peak Rd (North) and the Coast Ridge Trail (South). Cone Peak Rd ends at Cone Peak (!). The Coast Ridge Trail can get you lost in the Los Padres National Forest. If you continue on NF road east you'll come to Fort Hunter Liggett. The road's open as long as your papers are in order. Once you're in Jolon if you're beat you can take 101 back up, otherwise there's good roads on boths sides of the valley that'll take you on the scenic route back north.

P.S. is another good local board, not as squidly as barf.
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