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Originally Posted by billyji
the cockpit is spacous and the bars are perfect for standing up
I agree on most of your points but...

I've found that the pegs are too far forward and the stock bars are too low to comfortably stand for long periods. It's okay for an attack crouch but you're holding yourself up with your arms--it's not a natural 'standing' position.

On a properly setup peg/bar relationship I understand that you should be able to go from seated to standing without your hands on the bars. I can't. I need to pull myself up with the bars or lean forward to balance before I try to stand. Of course that peg relationship makes it a great sitting bike--it's all about trade-offs. Do you have the stock bars or taller ones?

The other is handling in the sand. It's still a bit heavy on the front end and I think the forward placement of the pegs exacerbates the problem. I find myself fighting the ATK in places where my friend's 525 just gets up and planes. That peg placement also makes it hard to loft the front wheel in places where the 525 will respond with just a flick of the throttle.

And that was a good catch on the wheels. The wheels are one of the best things on the bike--they're insanely built. I've whacked things out in the desert that should have bent the heck out of them but they took it in stride.
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