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[quote=Donkey Hotey]I agree on most of your points but...

Do you have the stock bars or taller ones?


As far as i know they are the stock Pro-Taper. That brings up a good point though. i am 5-11 but have the arm length of a 6-3 man.
I have not done it yet but i want to measure contact point to contact point of the tires or axle centers. I think like you have said peg placement and the length does not make for easy wheelies. With a little compression, then pull and throttle I can wheelie through most whoops and holes in 1,2 for 3rd gear i need to be at 1/2 throttle or more. I think I adjusted the front sproket 1 tooth. My top speed is around 98mph.
I have noticed an xr 650 r is a wheelie and power corner sliding machine compared to the ATK.
How much does a 525 weigh ?? They look light

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